Let go, slow down and recharge, winter is coming!

We are part of nature and we sometimes want to forget that. It is not nature and us humans, no, we are nature. And just like the seasons, we also go through different cycles and that is why it is smart to adjust your way of life accordingly. Are you already doing this?

At the moment we are in full autumn and we are making the transition to the
winter. The winter season calls for slowing down and turning inwards. Cold and darkness are increasing, and we stay indoors to cocoon. Just look at the trees. They release their leaves and return energy and nutrition to their core and roots. They nourish the parts that are essential and recharge in the winter so that they can bloom again in the spring.

Winter can therefore also be a great opportunity for you for introspection, focus and rest. Some tips for the upcoming period:

Letting go

Literally tidy up your house, it creates more overview and peace, and that's what you want in the winter. Get rid of what no longer serves you and declutter. Instead spring cleaning, an autumn cleaning.


And to stay with the theme of letting go, what about spiritually or emotionally? Are there old beliefs or beliefs that no longer serve you that you can let go of? What do you want to focus on in your life? Everything that gets attention grows.

Slow down

Make room in your schedule to rest or do nothing. When is the last time you were bored? Do everything you do a gear slower and with full attention.


In the winter, your body works hard to keep you warm. Therefore, feed yourself with warm, grounding meals, such as a soup, stew or a delicious stew. Preferably skip raw food, which costs your body too much energy to digest. Supplement your diet with important nutrients through supplements. Vitamin D3 is especially important to take in winter. Or take extra vitamin C for your immune system.


What makes you really happy right now? Do more of that. Give yourself more of that. When you feel joy, things flow naturally and you recharge. You benefit from this, and so does your environment!